Download videos of the sessions

I have some general questions:

  1. How to massively export the videos generated from a period of time, example from 07/20/22 to 07/28/22?
  2. How to download or backup the videos to an external host?
  3. Can the video backup download be automated every month?
  4. Can videos be massively exported in some standard video format?

Thank you

Hi Esteban!

Currently, senhasegura does not allow the massive download of session videos, each download must be generated individually and will be generated in MP4 format, this action will consume server resources and may affect the performance of sessions in progress. It is also not possible to automate the download of videos in a range of dates nor to export them massively.

To download session videos on your local machine, follow the steps in the following documentation: How to export a video from senhasegura's session

It is possible to backup the videos on an external host, but they will be encrypted, below are the ways of backups performed by senhasegura.

The video backup interval can be defined according to the following documentation: How does it work and how to configure video purge?

Thank you very much for the explanation and your time, very understandable

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