Troubleshoot - How to verify the connection between senhasegura and device

In this article, you can find some steps to troubleshoot the connection between senhasegura and the device.

1 - You can use the test of connective in the senhasegura. Open the register of the device, select the tab Connectivity, and click on test

2 - Using the user mt4adm on the O.S of senhasegura, you can execute commands to verify the connection:

use the command telnet to test the connectivity of the Ip and port:

telnet <IP> <port>

image (4)

Use the command ping to verify if the host/device are enabled and to check the latency

ping <IP>

image (5)

Use the command traceroute to search the path of the Ip package

traceroute -T <IP> -p <port>

image (6)