How access senhaseguraTerminal Proxy with FQDN?


I need little help please.
I’m want to use terminal proxy and use FQDN instead of IP (for example pam.mylab.local).

I can connect to my PAM via HTTPS and use address pam.mylab.local and everything is OK, but when I try to use the terminal proxy and use FQDN instead of IP, I can connect to PAM, the system requires authentication, I enter my user and password (for example admin), but the system gives an error that “Password authentication failed”.

The strange thing is that when I use same user and password for terminal proxy but use IP instead of FQDN, everything is working. :))))

Hi Red,

To use a name, you need to have a DNS configured in senhasegura that resolves the name you want to use. You can follow the steps in this community post: DNS Configuration.

Additionally, this documentation can also be used as a reference: How to Configure DNS.

Best regards!

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Thank you for your response.

I already configured DNS and I think that’s not a problem, because I can connect to PAM via FQDN and authenticate admin user from browser. The problem is that when I’m using for example SecureCRT or Putty, I can connect to PAM, but it doesn’t authenticate admin user, when I use FQDN instead of IP. So, thats why I think it’s not a DNS issue.

With IP I can connect and authenticate admin user without problem, when I use Putty or browser.

I’m using third-party load balancer and I think problem is on LB side.

Hello Red!

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the issue you’re experiencing.

To provide you with the best assistance and ensure a thorough analysis of the problem, we kindly request that you open a ticket on our platform. This will allow our technical team to gather specific details about the issue in question.


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