Guide to Using Remmina for Remote Desktop Sessions on Linux

Alternative for Linux: Remmina
Remmina is a popular option used in Linux for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sessions. Below are the steps and adjustments needed to use Remmina with the RDP Proxy of senhasegura.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Filling in the Fields:

    • Open Remmina and fill in the necessary fields as specified to connect to the senhasegura RDP Proxy.
  2. Redirecting to RDP Proxy:

    • After filling in the fields, the user will be redirected to the senhasegura RDP Proxy.
    • A screen similar to the following will be presented:

Advanced Adjustments to Avoid Errors:

If errors occurs in the Remmina client, make some adjustments in the advanced settings tab "Advanced". Below are examples of common errors and how to resolve them:
  1. Error [1] - Relax Order Checks:


  1. Error [2] - Glyph Cache:


Suggested Settings:

Clients using Remmina commonly configure it with the following preferences:

Keep in mind that while Remmina is a suggestion, other Remote Desktop Protocol clients can be used according to user preference.

Ensure that all settings are correctly adjusted to guarantee a stable and efficient connection when using the senhasegura RDP Proxy.