Zabbix Dashboard Not Receiving Logs

To ensure that Zabbix receives logs correctly, it is essential to properly configure the host, especially if the configuration is using PSK (Pre-Shared Key) encryption. Follow the instructions below to correctly configure the host in Zabbix:

  1. Verify Host Configuration in Zabbix:
  • Ensure that the host is created correctly in the Zabbix dashboard.
  1. PSK Encryption Configuration:
  • If you wish to use encryption, make sure PSK encryption is configured in Zabbix and that the --tls flag is used during the configuration in senhasegura.
  1. Disable the “No Encryption” Flag:

*If the “No Encryption” flag is enabled, disable it to avoid mixing encrypted and non-encrypted connections.

  • Enable only connections using PSK encryption for enhanced security.

Manual regarding the integration of senhasegura through OrbitCli: How to register a Zabbix server using Orbit.