Web Console disappears after version upgrade

I upgraded my senhasegura platform using online update method and it successfully got upgraded with the newer version but after this process I am unable to access application’s web console. Snapshots are attached below.


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Hi, @Maham_Noor!
Check out this article that may help you: Why it's not possible to load senhasegura web interface after senhasegura version update?
Let me know if it worked.
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I am still unable to access the we b console after clearing browser cache and also tried accessing through incognito window. Please let me know what am I suppose to do

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Hi @Maham_Noor,
Have you tried restarting the machine? If you haven’t, try this and let me know if it worked.

sudo orbit shutdown --reboot

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Hey janina,

Yes i already rebooted the machine but still the web login console is not accessible.

Maham Noor

Hi @Maham_Noor,

Please get in touch with our support team on our channel so we can assist you properly.

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