Using and Controlling Commands in Go Shell on senhasegura

The Go Shell in senhasegura allows the administrator to manage the execution of previously permitted commands, ensuring control and security of the environment. The use of this functionality does not include privilege elevation, ensuring that users operate within their assigned permissions.

  1. Control of Permitted Commands:
    • Go Shell allows the administrator to configure in advance which commands can be executed by the user.
    • This ensures that users can only execute commands within the defined restrictions, providing a controlled and secure environment.
  2. User Permissions:
    • When a user opens the Go Shell, it runs with the same permissions as the nominal user.
    • There is no privilege elevation, keeping the user within the limits of the permissions originally assigned to them.

When configuring Go Shell, the administrator should clearly define the command restrictions for each user or user group, aligning permissions with the organization’s security policies.