User credential owner setting

Just wanted to clarify what User credential owner setting actually does.
As it’s stated in the documentation, the owner should always have access to credentials owned by them:

  • User credential owner: You can define a senhasegura user owner of the credential. When determined, only the owner user will always have access to the credential and can make changes to it;

However, while testing, my user doesn’t have access to credentials owned by him unless I explicitly create an access group to provide such access. So, what is the idea behind this User credential owner setting then?

Hi @andriirebets,

Yes, it will still be necessary to configure an access group for the user to see the credential. The difference will be that once a credential has an owner, no other user, even if they see that credential, will be able to start a session or perform a password withdrawal on it. Only the owner can perform this action after viewing the credential.

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