Update senhasegura - standalone

Attention! This procedure may take time. The senhasegura services will be restarted several times. Consider a downtime window of more than 1 hour depending on the client’s internet bandwidth, MT4 link quality of the mirror, and the number of records in the client’s database!

Before proceeding with the upgrade, it is very important to disable the robots responsible for changing the password of the credentials and take a snapshot of the senhasegura instance.

To disable the robots, go to senhasegura web and access the path: Settings → Execution process. On this screen, click to turn off the following process:

Expired password
Expired operation cancellation
Operation executor
Operation executor: Retry

To do the snapshot, shut down the instance that will be updated with the ‘orbit shutdown’ command, and then take the ‘snapshot’ from your virtualizer.

A firewall release request on port 443 will be required for the following domains:


After paying attention to the above points and prerequisites to update the senhasegura environment, log in with the mt4adm credential in the instance that will be updated and run the following commands below.

1- Update the packages:

apt-get update

2- Installation of orbit-cli:

apt install orbit-cli

3- Update of senhasegura:

orbit update

At the end of the update process, reboot the server and turn on the process responsible for changing the password again.