Troubleshooting: Error When Starting the Network Connector Container


If you experience eternal connection attempts when trying to start the Network Connector container, validate the following alternative.

Probable Cause:

  • Firewall blocking, preventing the necessary communication for the Network Connector on port 51445.
  • Specifically, the firewall may be blocking the ‘Backdoor Chisel’ file, which is essential for the Network Connector’s operation.


  • When configuring the Network Connector, a ‘Backdoor Chisel’ file will be created.
  • Ensure that this file is not being blocked by the firewall and that communication on port 51445 is allowed…

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve eternal connection problems when starting the Network Connector container. Ensuring that the firewall allows the necessary communication, especially involving the ‘Backdoor Chisel’ file, is crucial for the proper functioning of the Network Connector.