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In a previous topic shows this solution:
The senhasegura administrator needs to log in to senhasegura SSH console, and execute the steps for this article: How to solve: Error processing keyring info

But in version 3.27 of Senhasegura this icon disappears

This is what it looks like in version 3.27, it no longer exists:

Is there any other way to activate this “Sync Keys”, by command line?

Hey Esteban!
Yes, it is possible to sync keys by command line.
In this case, you must log in on senhasegura using the 59022 port with the mt4adm user.
The command to solve the error processing keyring is:

orbit key sync

When this error occurs, it will always appear in the Incidents section of the Orbit Config Manager panel with its description, and this description will contain what needs to be done, including the command I sent here.

I hope this helped! Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best regards.

Hi Vilson, thank you very much, I’ll try if this solves the problem, I’ll confirm