The behavior of the Emergency Panel - Freezing, Lockdown and Terminate sessions

On the emergency panel inside the senhasegura application, there are three options.

All three options have the following requirements:

User with the System.EmergencyPanel.Control permission, which only users with the System Administrator role own.
User with the MFA token access enabled.

  • Terminate sessions

Allow you to end all ongoing sessions with one click.

  • Freezing

You can use it to prevent the start of sessions on a specific device for some time. When enabled, all sessions on the devices you selected will end, and non-administrator users won’t be able to start new sessions. You can cancel the Freezing before it ends.

If you decide to end the freezing, you can click on the emergency panel and choose the option ‘End freezing’.

  • Lockdown

Starting a Lockdown period will block all access to senhasegura, including web interface, API calls, and GO Endpoint Manager users.

Warning: This option can cause downtime in a service that uses senhasegura via API, for example.

All ongoing sessions will stop, and all users will sign out. Only users with the permission System.EmergencyPanel.Control will be able to access senhasegura via the Web Interface. You can also finish the lockdown by clicking on the emergency panel and choosing the option ‘End lockdown’.