Terminal Proxy - How to transfer files

Using Terminal Proxy it is possible to transfer files from remote devices to the senhasegura server and then download them to your workstation.

SCP Command

1. To transfer the file through SCP from the remote server, use the following command:

scp [file_path] [senhasegura_user]@[senhasegura_device]:~

2. To download a file located on a remote server to senhasegura server, use the following command:

scp [file_path] [remote server_username]@[remote server_ip]:[path]/

SFTP Command

1. To transfer a file through SFTP, access the senhasegura server through Terminal Proxy. Once connected, use the following command:

sftp senhasegura_user[[email protected]]@ip_hostname_senhasegura

2. If the user has a double authentication factor set up, use the following command:

  • Connecting through Terminal Proxy:
user[][email protected]_hostname_senhasegura
  • Connecting straight to senhasegura:
user[[email protected]][email protected]_hostname_senhasegura

3. After connecting, use the get and put commands to download and upload a file.

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