Step-by-Step Guide to Configuring LDAPS on Windows Server AD DS

Requirements: Active Directory Domain Services configured.

Installation and Configuration of Certification Authority

  1. Install Active Directory Certificate Services:

  2. Creating a Certificate Template:

    • Press Windows Key + R and run the command certtmpl.msc.
    • Find the Kerberos Authentication template, right-click on it and select Duplicate Template.
    • In the “Properties of New Template” window, configure according to your requirements.
    • In the General tab, enable Publish certificate in Active Directory.
    • In the Request Handling tab, check Allow private key to be exported.
    • In the Subject Name tab, select the DNS Name format, and click Apply and OK.
  3. Issuing the Certificate Template:

    • On the Start menu, type Certification Authority, after it is open, right-click on Certificate Templates and select NewCertificate Template to Issue.
    • Select your recently created template and click OK.
  4. Requesting a New Certificate:

  5. Exporting the Certificate:

  6. Testing the LDAPS Connection:

After these configurations, you will be able to set up LDAPS between the Windows Server AD DS and applications such as senhasegura.