Sharing Items in Mysafe After User Deactivation

When a user is deactivated in senhasegura, their information in the system is inactivated. However, there is an specific behavior for items shared in Mysafe:

  1. Inactivation of Information:

The user’s information will be inactivated along with the user when they are deactivated.

  1. Shared Items:

If the user has shared a password or item with others, these items will remain visible to the people with whom they were shared. The recipients of the shared items will still be able to view and/or edit these items according to the permissions granted.

  1. Item Ownership:

The ownership of the item cannot be changed. Even after the original user is deactivated, the item will remain under the ownership of the user who created it. It is not possible to transfer the ownership of the item to another user.