Requirements System

Hi Team,

do you have calculator for sizing hardware like 20 User and 200 device, how we can Provide RAM, CPU and HDD


Hi, @Hamzah_Sam.

Thank you for your question.

This information is not public. Please, talk to your senhasegura Account Manager.

Best regards

Hi @Hamzah_Sam ,
Thank you for reaching out
Just to let you know, our online calculator will be available on 4th March.

We will send an e-mail to share the link and a simple “how-to” document for you and all the other partners.

Thanks for the comprehension, keep following our news next few days and if you have any questions, let us know!

Hi Adiniz,

i know, but because they are slow respone i asking here


@Hamzah_Sam I forwarded your feedback to responsible and he will verify what has happened.

As Vinicius said, the senhasegura Calculator will be available on 4th March.

If I can help you with another question, please, feel free to post here.


can i access this now?