Relationship between Devices/Credentials and the Enable/Disable Option in senhasegura

When a device is deactivated, all credentials associated with it are also automatically deactivated. These credentials become inaccessible to users until the device is reactivated. Below is a list of possible scenarios:

  1. Activated Devices and Credentials:
  • When a device is active, all its associated credentials are also accessible and operational.

  1. Device Deactivation:
  • Deactivating a device results in the automatic deactivation of the associated credentials.
  • These credentials become hidden and inaccessible to users.

  1. Filter for Deactivated Credentials:
  • When searching for the deactivated credentials of this device in PAM Core → All, they are not found:

  1. Device Reactivation:
  • When the device is reactivated, the associated credentials reappear in the list.
  • The credentials that previously did not appear will now show up in the list as deactivated.

By understanding this relationship, administrators can better manage devices and their credentials in senhasegura, knowing that deactivating a device implies the inaccessibility of its associated credentials.

If you wish to list the credentials, whether active or not, even if they do not appear in the list, access the link: Viewing Disabled Credentials in senhasegura.