RDP-PROXY dont access with NTLM disabled

Why RDP-PROXY and WEB-PROXY need NTLM to connect session RDP? this resource deprecated, maybe SenhaSegura need use KERBERUS. Microsoft says NTLM dont work with server proxy

Complementing the previous information… Server is a member of Active Directory.

Hi, @ruter.junior.

The senhasegura has not a limitation to use NTLM and/or Kerberos.

You can check the Event Viewer to know why the Windows was not able to authenticate the session.

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Hey. I tested disabling NTLM on Windows Server 2019. and the RDP proxy dont works. if you enable it again, the RDP proxy will work

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Great @ruter.junior.

Thank you for tell us the solution. :smiley:

Sorry, i typing wrong prhase, dont work. Let me know, RDP Proxy works only NTLM? or support KERBERUS? because when i try disable NTLM dont works any connection with SS