Prerequisites for backup configuration

In order for the backup to be properly performed, and thus avoid compromising the client’s data, the administrator must perform the following activities:

  • Having a remote unit available and accessible by senhasegura®
  • The remote drive must be mounted on the file system of the Primary instance
  • Activate Orbit’s backup system
  • Checking the senhasegura® licenses


Passwords must not contain the characters \, & and ! in remote partition mapping

The purpose of system backup is to ensure the recovery of the environment and settings, as well as historical data. Data recovery occurs whenever information loss or failure is detected without possibility of correction by the system.

The backup routines are executed daily, at a predetermined time (5AM), and the data stored in the client’s backup directory.

The following information must be provided:

  1. Data for recovery
  2. Configuration files (RECOMMENDED)
  3. Database (RECOMMENDED)
  4. Session logs (RECOMMENDED)
  5. Videos (OPTIONAL, due to the great demand of storage volume)
  6. Periodicity: Daily
  7. Destination path and connection format: remote partition (CIFS, NFS) or remote server (RSync)
  8. User and access passwords
  9. E-mail alert for failure cases

Events of unavailability of backup infrastructure should be treated as high criticality. These incidents should be resolved as soon as possible in order to avoid unavailability of password data.

The time period for storing the history depends on the client’s backup management.