Password Change via A2A

If you have a credential with password change configured and wish to request a change via A2A, follow the steps below:

To trigger the password change for a credential via A2A, you need to release the custody of that credential.

  • Ensure that the password change is correctly configured for the credential in question. Additionally, it is essential to have an Application in the A2A module properly created and configured.
  • IP authorization is required, and the Pam Core and A2A resources must be configured, including the desired credentials, as part of this authorization.

The process involves initially performing a GET request for the desired credential using the parameter ‘/iso/pam/credential/ID’, where ‘ID’ refers to the ID of the desired credential.

Next, you will need to remove the Custody of this credential, which will trigger a request for senhasegura to change the password. To do this, make a DELETE request with the parameter ‘/iso/pam/credential/custody/ID’.

This will initiate the password change for the credential in senhasegura.