Mounting a Remote Partition Using CIFS: Incorrect Directory Specification

When mounting a remote partition using CIFS, if the remote backup is not mounted correctly after the configurations in the web interface, validate the following alternative:

  • The issue may be related to the incorrect directory path specification. In this case, you can to use the dollar symbol ($) to correctly reference the partition.

//[DEVICE_IP]/[Directory Letter]$/[DIRECTORY]

  • Identify the IP address of the remote storage device.
  • Determine the drive letter (directory) you want to mount.
  • Specify the desired directory.
  • Example:


Different from other backup method, a backup done by cifs may need the entire path to access the directory and do the backup. By following these instructions, you ensure that the remote partition is correctly mounted using CIFS for backup in senhasegura, guaranteeing that the path is in the correct format for the system to recognize and access the directory remotely.