Monitoring Template for Zabbix

This document aims to clarify and detail the prerequisites necessary for the Zabbix monitoring template to function as expected.


  • Minimum Zabbix version: 6.4;
  • The UserParameters.conf file must be placed inside the /etc/zabbix/zabbix-agent.d/ directory of each server to be monitored. This file contains the commands that will be used by the Zabbix agent to collect information from the environment;
  • There cannot be a template or host with the same name as the Dom0-senhasegura file. Otherwise, the template will not be imported;
  • This template uses the Zabbix Agent to collect information from the environment, so it is necessary to configure the host’s interface with the Type set to “Agent,” and the IP and port corresponding to the host during host creation;
  • The Zabbix user needs permission to use sudo.

The monitoring template created by the senhasegura engineering team covers the following aspects:

  • Standard monitoring of Linux servers;
  • LVM monitoring;
  • DRBD monitoring;
  • Heartbeat monitoring;
  • Monitoring of Xen domains.

For single-node environments, use the Dom0-senhasegura-standalone.yaml file.

For two-node environments, use the Dom0-senhasegura.yaml file.

Note: The monitoring template created by the senhasegura engineering team should only be used on servers created and delivered by senhasegura. Therefore, we do not guarantee the functionality of this template on other servers.