How to update senhasegura online

Attention! This procedure may take time. The senhasegura services will be restarted several times. Consider a downtime window of more than 1 hour depending on the client’s internet bandwidth, MT4 link quality of the mirror, and amount of records in the client’s database!

Before proceeding with the upgrade, it is very important to take a snapshot of the senhasegura instance.

To do it, shut down the instance that will be updated with the ‘orbit shutdown’ command and then take the ‘snapshot’ from your virtualizer.

Your environment is in a cluster, ensure that TCP port 9300 and 9200 are open between all senhasegura nodes

A firewall release request on port 443 will be required for the following domains:

After paying attention to the above points and prerequisites to update the senhasegura environment, log in with the mt4adm credential in the instance that will be updated and run the following commands below.

1- Update the packages:

apt-get update

2- Installation of orbit-cli:

apt install orbit-cli

3- Update of senhasegura:

orbit update

For cluster upgrade, the procedure will be slightly different.

Snapshots in clustered environments must be done in reverse order of the cluster, ie backwards.

Example, three-node cluster:

  • 1- Shut down the third instance with orbit shutdown;

  • 2- Take snap of the third instance;

  • 3- Connect the third instance;

  • 4- Wait for the third instance to return to the cluster. Validate this on cluster size in “Orbit>Replication>Status”

  • 5- Shut down the second instance with orbit shutdown;

  • 6- Take snap of the second instance;

  • 7- Connect the second instance;

  • 8- Wait for the second instance to return to the cluster.

  • 9- Shut down the first instance with orbit shutdown;

  • 10- Take snap of the first instance;

  • 11- Connect the first instance;

  • 12- Wait for the first instance to return to the cluster.

After taking a snapshot of all nodes in the cluster, we can start the upgrade.

To upgrade, you must follow the correct cluster order, upgrading one node at a time.


  • 1- Update the primary node;

  • 2- Wait for the update to finish;

  • 3- Update the secondary node;

  • 4- Wait for the update to finish;

  • 5- Update the third node;

  • 6- Wait for the update to finish;

Below is a link to our Youtube channel showing the content of this article in a practical way:

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