How to Solve Connection Error When Enabling the MySafe Browser Extension

When attempting to activate the MySafe browser extension, you may encounter a connection error message such as:

“Unable to communicate with your senhasegura instance. Please check if you have internet access and access to your instance.”

To resolve this issue, you can:

  1. Configure the workstation to trust the Certificate Authority (CA) of the SSL certificate configured in the senhasegura application.

  2. Start Google Chrome with the command “chrome.exe --ignore-certificate-errors”. Depending on the Group Policies (GPOs) applied to your organization’s network, you may need to run this command as an administrator, which is common in most cases.

Reasons for the Problem:

  • The workstation’s browser does not trust the internal CA (untrusted certificate) of the certificate installed in senhasegura.

  • It is not possible to start Google Chrome with the command “chrome.exe --ignore-certificate-errors” due to lack of permissions.