How to solve a captcha

I would like to know why a web access to which an injection script is performed and which works correctly. After failed attempts to rotate the password, access requests a captcha, for some web platforms captcha v 1.0 and for others v 2.0. finally a captcha that does not allow password rotation.

I have already modified the script to resolve the captcha, where the execution is paused and after manual intervention access is achieved, but password rotation is not possible

If you have knowledge of this, I would appreciate your feedback.

Hello Yasib!

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the issue you’re experiencing with password rotation and captcha challenges on certain web platforms.

To provide you with the best assistance and ensure a thorough analysis of the problem, we kindly request that you open a ticket on our platform. This will allow our technical team to gather specific details about the issue in question.


Best regards!