How to, if user remote he must input password device

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please your advice, currently our customer ask, how to create the rule if the users remote to device he also mus input the password device


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Are you talking about taking a RDP session or a web login session?

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both session,

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Hi ,

From my knowledge, if you log in to a web login you can create a web automation task for that.

Pam core → access → web session

From here u can create a new web session and give the URL. In the automation don’t add anything, then the site will load.

For RDP I think u have to add the credentials and there is no way to do it manually for automation.

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Hi @Hamzah_Sam!

Thank you for your contribution to the community!

The user can use the personal credential functionality.
It can be used only in native proxies (jumpserver and rdpgate).

To enable:

  1. Access the senhasegura platform.
  2. Navigate to Settings→System parameters→System parameters→Remote session.
  3. Check Enable use of personal credentials?* as Yes.

Hi Jana,

thanks, now it works

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