How to do an offline update?

  • It is essential to take a snapshot of the machine before the update, so that in case of error it can be rolled back;
  • Senhasegura server running any version of senhasegura based on Debian 10;
  • Allow access to TCP port - 59022 and UDP and TCP 9300 for senhasegura servers and between servers.

1. On another station download the update package.

wget https://repo:[email protected]/

2. Create the update folder inside the /var/update directory using the following command:

install -d update -g mt4adm -o mt4adm

2.1 Upload the downloaded file to the senhasegura server (for example, via scp):

scp -P 59022 <update_file_name>  [email protected]<IP>:/var/update

3. Transfer the update file to the /var/tmp/update directory:

4. After the transfer it is important to comment the resolv.conf file so that the update does not connect to the internet and try to update to an online version.

vim /etc/resolv.conf

5. After commenting out the resolve.conf file, give the file execution permissions using the command below:

chmod +x <update_file_name>

5.1 In this example the file name is ‘’

6. Run the package using the following command:

bash <update_file_name>

6.1 Confirm EULA terms for enforcement.

7. After execution, return to the resolve.conf file and uncomment it.

8. Reboot the machine with the following command:


9. Run the following command and confirm.

orbit application init

10. The application has been updated, to validate the version use the command below:

orbit version