How to configure sending notifications for audited commands

To complete this tutorial properly, you must already have an audited command created, shown in our tutorial video in senhasegura Shorts (PAM core [3.21] - Como cadastrar comandos auditados - pt-BR - YouTube).

The creation of notifications can be realized in the menu Settings > Notifications > Settings, trough the action button New notification.


  • Notification name (required field): notification name

The notification mode will be send:

  • E-mail (default account SMTP required in senhasegura)
  • Screen
  • SMS

And the extra configuration:

  • Send notifications only to contacts who have access to credentials or devices

In Notification section, based on the audited command and its criticality, add in Notification button “+” accordingly.

In Contacts section, add the user(s) in Contact button “+” .

Now, notifications will be send when performing remote sessions on devices via configurations in audited commands.