How to configure a proxy to update senhasegura

To configure a proxy on senhasegura for updates on the system, we need to create or update an archive on /etc/apt.

The senhasegura uses a mirror to download and install your packets. We do it through of packet manager apt. Therefore is on the apt configuration that we’ll need to change.

For this, access the senhasegura via SSH with mt4adm credential on 59022 port and follow the steps below.

1- Go to /etc/apt/;

2- See if the archive “apt.conf” exist. If this doesn’t exist, you will need to create, so execute:


3- Insert the follow content:

  HTTP::proxy "http://your_proxy_here:your_proxy_port_here";
  FTP::proxy "http://your_proxy_here:your_proxy_port_here";


  HTTP::proxy "https://senhasegura_proxy:443";

4- Press “ESC” to leave edit mode, then type “:wq” and press “Enter” to save the file.

5- Run apt-get update command and proceed with the update.