How to allow users to view their own credentials?


According to this post, we can allow users to view the credentials that have their user names by adding [#USERNAME#] as a criterion in access group.

In some cases, a user can have more than one personal account with different usernames which do not match this criterion. What is the best way to provide users with access to all credentials owned by them, so only they can view passwords and start sessions?

Hello Andrii,

There is a way to solve what you need, which is using “Related users” it works like an alias for the user, inside of Settings ➔ User management ➔ Related users, then create a new relation, select the user, and in Name field use the alternative username for this user.

For example, suppose your username in senhasegura is "arebets", and you have a credential named "rebetsandrii" that you want to use.

In that case, you go to related users and create a new relation for your user, select your user "arebets", and in the Name field, type "rebetsandrii ".

So now, when using the tag [#USERNAME#] in the access group, it will bring credentials that contain "arebets" and "rebetsandrii".

I hope that helped.


Hi @Rafael_Heineck!

Many thanks for your help, that’s exactly what I needed.