How to add IP origins in senhasegura Whitelist?

In senhasegura is possible do add IP origins to it Whitelist.

This action is only possible using Orbit cli, through SSH connection to port 59022 of senhasegura instance using mt4adm credential.

After login to senhasegura SSH port 59022, use the following comands:

Command to add an IP origin

orbit wazuh whitelist add --ips=<#IP#>


orbit wazuh whitelist add --ips=

Command to remove an IP origin

orbit wazuh whitelist delete --ips=<#IP#>


orbit wazuh whitelist delete --ips=

Command to verify the current whitelist

orbit wazuh whitelist status

This command should be used to configure the Load Balancer IP and/or NAT of IPs between senhasegura instances, to avoid malfunction of senhasegura application.

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