How to add a proxy by command line

To configure the proxy in senhasegura, it is necessary to perform the following steps:

1. Login to ssh using mt4adm and elevate privilege using “sudo su”

2. Use the command below, replacing it with respective information:
orbit fajita netproxy --proxy=<IP> --port=<PORT> --user=<USER> --password=<PASSWORD>

3. Here’s an example of how the command should be executed:
orbit fajita netproxy --proxy= --port=8080 --user=user [email protected]

4. senhasegura will ask if you want to proceed with this configuration, press “y” to confirm

5. After this configuration you will need to access the proxy file (vim /home/vnc/.vnc/user_pref ) and uncomment the last block about the proxy, save and exit using “wq”

6. Use the command “orbit fajita netproxy --show” to verify that the configuration was done.