How does the function "Forget user" works on senhasegura

The “forget user” function in senhasegura is used to mischaracterize a
user and prevent his login to the application.

For auditing reasons, senhasegura does not delete user data, information previously belonging to a user is changed
to the following pattern: USER_

So that these users are not shown in the filter, it is possible to deactivate them before they are forgotten.

Here’s an example:

We are going to deactivate the “Test” credential, for that, go to the credential settings

After save, the user is no longer able to log in to the application, but we will continue with the functionality of forgetting his information.

we will filter by the inactivated credentials and let’s click on the setting “Forget User”.

As you can see, the Test user will be renamed to the quoted pattern and his information will be deprecated.