How does senhasegura backups work?

The purpose of the backup resource is to allow the rescue of data information, application and system settings in case of data loss or unavailability of virtual or physical resources.

Generally, the backup is used to ensure the history of data in accordance with the company’s backup policy, and to solve only the problem of recovery of historical information, not the availability of the solution.

senhasegura® offers two types of backup:

  • Backup of secrets (Break the glass): guarantees that the privileged data registered in the passwords are available in encrypted format. The data can be stored in an external environment to the instance and protected by a master password for consultation in case of emergency. The backup of passwords is not used for system restoration, but for the client to have access to the credentials passwords even in case of total unavailability of the senhasegura® solution.
  • System Backup: ensures that system information such as data, senhasegura® settings or the environment where it is running, programs, applications and access records can be copied periodically to a client’s backup repository following the client’s security policies. This type of backup has a long reconstruction time and requires maneuvering space for its reconstitution.
  • Video Backup of proxy sessions: ensures that the video recordings of proxy sessions performed through senhasegura® are available in encrypted format.