F.A.Q.: Disaster recovery

Disasters Recovery is considered to be a plan to execute as an action to recover your system, and can be a server as passive, a backup pan in a remote partition of the server and a different data center, or a third server on the senhasegura cluster in another data center.

"It involves a set of policies and procedures to recover data or restore infrastructure in case of a natural or artificial disaster. DR allows customers to reconfigure senhasegura resources using an alternative environment when it proves impossible to recover the primary environment as required."

Data integrity is subject to the quality and speed of a connection and the amount of data in a cluster. If any of these variables fail to meet the requirements, it may result in data loss, production environment shutdown, and the activation of the DR environment. A manual reboot and recovery process is required if the failure was caused by hardware problems.

Ensure the integrity, functionality, and regularity of video and database backups for potential recovery needs. Please contact our support team to proceed with the restoration process.