Error validating 2FA token

The validation of the two-factor authentication in senhasegura depends on the correct time at both ends, which are the time of the user’s device and the time of the senhasegura server.

If, when validating your scanned token, the message is “The token does not match”, validate the time of the senhasegura server.

To do this, log in via SSH on the machine with your administrative credential and follow the steps below.

1- Date command to validate the time and date.


2- If your time is incorrect, the ideal is to use an NTP server present in your environment. If you don’t have an NTP server, you can use public NTP ( For the use of the public link, validate that your network will allow this communication. With the NTP address in hand, use the orbit command line to configure your NTP correctly.


orbit ntp --servers=NTP_IP

If you use more than one network interface, use the parameter:


3- If no NTP option is possible, use the command date -s “hh:mm:ss”