Error: Secrets Backup

Problems with Secrets Backup can occur when the authentication user on the backup server doesn’t have a configured password and the directory path configuration is incorrect. If this is your case, follow these steps:

1. Delete the unnecessary key (/root/.ssh/ added to the “root” user of the senhasegura appliance, if that’s the case.

2. Create the “system” and “secrets” directories on the device in the /backup partition for proper backup mapping.

For rsync backups, make sure to follow the correct procedures for the system and secrets backups separately:

For system backups:

1. Add the “root” user of the senhasegura appliance to the “authorized_keys” file of the target server. It is not necessary to generate a new SSH key for the user.

2. Make sure the directory is correct, change necessary configurations in the menu Orbit ➔ Configurations ➔ Backup.

For secrets backups:

1. Choose a user/SSH key for logging into the target device and configure it in the PAM menu. It is recommended that the selected user be different from the “root” user.

2. Make necessary configurations in the menu Settings ➔ Backup ➔ Servers, including setting the mode, target device directory path, host, port, and authentication credential.

3. Make sure to fill in all the information correctly to ensure the backup’s success.