Doubts about user and credential in senhasegura

When using senhasegura to access devices, it’s important to understand that the user who logs into senhasegura is not used to access the devices. Instead, a valid credential is needed to access the devices. This means that a senhasegura user cannot log in to a device using only their login.

To allow a user to access a device, a credential needs to be configured for that device. It’s not possible to create a single credential for a senhasegura user and allow it to be used to access multiple devices, as users and credentials are different concepts that don’t interconnect in this way.

It’s important to understand this distinction between users and credentials to ensure the security of the system. By creating separate credentials for each device, you can precisely control who has access to each one and limit the possibilities of security breaches. Therefore, whenever it’s necessary to grant access to a device to a user, it’s essential to configure a new credential for that user.