Domum: How to add a domain server to sending the external link


After configuring these steps, follow the instructions to change the which email account will be responsible for sending the external access link

SMTP server configuration requires attention in registering device and credential information.

In the device configuration, fill in the following information:

  • IP, Hostname or management URL: fill in the url of the email service used;
  • Device name (Hostname, IP, url ou website name, application name…): fill in the device name;
  • Device type: Web Application;
  • Vendor: select the type of vendor;
  • Product: select the type of product;
  • Site: Default.

Add Https connectivity.

In the credential configuration, fill in the following information:

  • Username: Fill in the email that will be used by the SMTP server;
  • Password type: Local User;
  • Device: Select the registered device;
  • Password: Fill in the email password.

To configure the SMTP server go to Settings → Notifications → Email → SMTP configuration.

Click on the New icon for a new registration, and fill in the requested information:

  • Account name: fill with account name;
  • Enabled: Yes or No;
  • Sender email: Fill in the sending email;
  • Reply e-mail: Fill in the reply email;
  • Reply e-mail (Return-Path): Fill in the reply email (Return-Path);
  • Confirmation mail: Confirm email;
  • Default account: Yes or No;
  • Send read receipt: Yes or No;
  • Force settings use: Yes or No;
  • Enable footnote: Yes or No.

SMTP server settings

  • Host SMTP: fill in the SMTP host of the registered credential;
  • Port: select the port;
  • Use safe connection?: Yes or No;
  • Secure connection type: Yes or No;
  • Use authentication?: Yes;
  • Ignore certificate erro: Yes or No;
  • Credential for authentication: select the registered credential to send the email.

To validate that the configuration is working, do a test submission.



The message was successfully sent.