Do you know our CIEM?

The purpose of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) is to manage access in cloud and multi-cloud environments.

This is possible through the principle of Least Privilege, which contributes to companies that need to avoid risks such as attacks by malicious users and data breaches, problems generated by excessive permissions on this type of infrastructure.

Thus, a CIEM solution allows you to remove these excessive entitlements and centralize the visibility and control of permissions in a cloud environment.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, a CIEM solution is also able to analyze exposure levels of a company?s cloud environments, enabling the identification and reduction of cybersecurity risks.

What do I gain as a senhasegura beta user?

  • Free access to senhasegura Cloud Security - Cloud Entitlements for one year, with no limit on the number of identities to manage.

  • Opportunity to participate in online feedback with our team of Built-With-Us supporters to share their impressions and suggestions.

  • Rich exchange of experiences with professionals in the IAM market about the challenges of managing identities in multi-cloud environments.

  • Opportunity to permanently occupy a chair in our Innovation Committee, where we discuss problems and build solutions for the most diverse challenges in the security area - limited spaces!

What will be your mission as a senhasegura beta user?

  • Co-creation: Giving feedback and proposing improvements that would make your day-to-day work easier.

  • Confidence: Report bugs and experience problems found while using the product to gain maturity and quality of the solution.

  • Practice: Carrying out specific tasks and procedures within the product to support us in building a specialist market solution.

  • Innovation: Get first-hand pre-release updates to try before the stable release goes live.

If you would like to know more information about it, you can find this article about it! :slight_smile: