Disk - Expansion | How to increase the size of the senhasegura instance

To perform the disk expansion, it is necessary to take a snapshot of the machine, if an error occurs, it is possible to perform a rollback and recover the information contained in it. If the senhasegura structure is clustered, the shutdown, snapshot and expansion procedure must occur on one machine at a time and then be repeated for the other nodes in the cluster.

                            Disk image before expansion.

1. First, the machine must be turned off and then take a snapshot of it.

2. Add a new disk to your virtualizer, it should be on SCSI_0:2 (or greater) and in GPT format.

3. To check the new allocated disk, use the following command:


4. The following screen will be displayed:

5. After the allocation, execute the expansion command:

orbit disk-- expand

6. A warning and a request for confirmation will be displayed, confirm it.

7. After expansion, a message will appear informing you that the procedure was successful.