Disaster Recovery (DR) Configuration

Disaster Recovery (DR) Configuration
I have this scenario:
High Availability (HA) with 1 Active+ 1 Passive + 1 Disaster Recovery (DR}

I have a couple of doubts.
How to configure a Disaster Recovery in a separate cluster?

What difference do they have when configuring an additional member of the cluster against a DR?

For the dimensioning of a DR it is necessary that the Active, the passive, and the DR are machines with the same characteristics (storage, memory) or the DR can be smaller?


The correct enviroment scenario must be an active active + DR. Because the DR will already be a passive node. To be 2 passive nodes in the same cluster is not recommended.

DR server must not be separated from the cluster because if it happens, the replication between the nodes won’t happen and will not be considered a Disaster recovery because the server has any data.

The additional member is referring to the nodes of the cluster, so they will an active server, a passive (DR)

All the servers must be the same size (CPU, memory, and HD) and include the DR server.

Thank you very much