Configuration of third-party load balancers with senhasegura

Balancing Type

Least Connection with persistence

As it is a stateful application, the balancing method must be defined as Least Connection, in order to preserve the states of sessions and open connections with the various components of senhasegura.


Regarding monitoring, senhasegura requires a combination of healthchecks on the TCP ports of each of the proxies plus checks on the application control URL.

Web Application Monitoring - HTTPS 443

The monitoring of the web application can be done via GET requests in the endpoint /flow/orbit/mntr. Response codes should be interpreted as fallows:

  • HTTP 200: Application is enabled and available for operation
  • HTTP 403: Application is enabled but unavailable for user operation
  • HTTP 451: Activation license is expired
  • HTTP 503: Application is disabled

Monitorinf of access proxies

In addition to maintaining persistence in the connections, it is mandatory to enable X-Forwarded-For (XFF) in balancer, in order to guarantee the consistency of data of the application reports.
Finally, it is necessary to import into the balancer (HTTPS proxy), the same digital certificate installed in the application.

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