Cluster Communication Issues in senhasegura

Communication between senhasegura nodes is crucial for data replication and the full functioning of the cluster. This communication relies on the opening of specific ports.

Common Error:

If you are encountering errors such as:

failed to connect ssl://IP:PORT' 
Client handshake failed

Diagnosis and Solution:

  1. Port Verification:

    • senhasegura nodes require specific ports for communication. Ensure that these ports are open in all firewalls between the cluster nodes.
    • Refer to the senhasegura documentation for the complete list of required ports: Requirements.
  2. Disable SSL Validation on Firewall:

    • Ensure that SSL validation is disabled on the firewall for communication between senhasegura nodes.

Ensuring proper communication between senhasegura cluster nodes is essential for the efficient and secure operation of the system. By following these steps, you can resolve communication issues and avoid SSL handshake errors, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the cluster.