Allow Elevated Privileges Only for Selected Applications

Follow the steps below to configure senhasegura.go to allow elevated privileges only for selected applications and deny elevation for all others:

  1. Disable Privilege Elevation Globally:
    • Access: Settings > System Parameters > System Parameters.

    • Navigate to Go Endpoint Manager and, in the Elevation Settings area, disable the privilege elevation option.

    • This will ensure that senhasegura does not allow privilege elevation in any application by default.

  2. Create Application Whitelist:
    • Access the access list in GO Endpoint Manager-> Policies-> Windows-> Access lists.

    • Create a whitelist by including the names of the applications for which privilege elevation should be allowed.

    • This will instruct senhasegura that only the applications in this list are authorized for privilege elevation.

  3. Block Execution of Unauthorized Applications:
    • To block the execution of all applications (with and without elevation) and allow only selected applications to run, create a deny list.
    • Add the applications that users should not be able to open. This way, any application not listed in the whitelist will be blocked.