Adding Permission for Credential Editing and Device Listing

To allow a user to edit credentials and consequently list the devices associated with the open credential, you need to add the “system.common.list” permission to the user’s role.
Here is how you can proceed:

  1. Access Role Management:
    • Navigate to the role management section in the senhasegura administration interface.
  2. Edit the User Role:
    • Select the role you wish to edit.
    • Add the “system.common.list” permission to the set of permissions for that role.
  3. Save the Changes:
    • Save the changes made to the user role.

With the “system.common.list” permission included, the user will have the capability to:

  • Edit credentials.
  • List the devices associated with the open credential.

If you need more information on how to create a new role and assign it to users, click here.

Make sure to add this permission to the appropriate roles to ensure that users have the necessary level of access to perform their activities effectively.