Access Group Problem

At senhasegura, the segregation methods that exist are composed of Roles and Access Groups. The permissions on all roles are always added up.

But in the access group, the restrictions are added up. Imagine the following situation:

You have two devices, Device A and Device B. And you also have three users, User 1, User 2, and User 3.

User 1 has an access group that can only see device A.

User 2 has an access group that can only see device B.

User 3 is inside both access groups that the other users are. Since the restrictions are added up, he has the restriction of not being able of seeing device A, and Device B, so he will not be able to see any devices.

So, if you have a situation where devices, credentials, or some kind of information doesn’t appear, you must check the following options:

  1. Check if it is not an access group problem. Try accessing the system with a user that has the Full Access group.

  2. Try reprocessing the groups on the path: Pam Core → Settings → Access → Access groups, and click on the button access groups

  3. On the SSH of your senhasegura environment using the ‘mt4adm’ user, check if the cron is active using the command ‘systemctl status cron’, if it’s not active use the command ‘systemctl start cron’ to activate it.