Remote Session Video Duration in senhasegura

senhasegura records remote access in two distinct ways: session recording and video recording.

  1. Session Recording:
  • The session recording is initiated from the moment the connection to the device is established. For example, when the user clicks the computer icon to start the remote connection.
  • Captures the total time from the start of the connection to the device until disconnection.
  • Includes the time the user might be waiting to authenticate/log in or performing other preliminary activities.
  1. Video Recording:
  • The video recording of the session starts only when the user authenticates or logs in to the device.
  • This video can be played back later and reflects only the actual user activity during the authenticated session.
  • Starts only after the user authenticates/logs in to the device.
  • May be shorter in duration compared to the session recording, as it does not include the time spent before authentication.
  1. Practical Example:
  • Session Recording: The total connection time recorded in the log might be, for example, 52 seconds.
  • Video Recording: If the user took 2 seconds to authenticate after starting the connection, the video recording might be only 50 seconds long.

This distinction is important to understand why the duration of the video recording can be shorter than the total session time recorded in the log.