RDP Session Persistence When Incorrectly Closed


When starting a remote session via senhasegura on an RDP server, it is possible to end the session in two ways.

  1. Close the tab without properly logging off.
  2. Properly log off from the accessed server.

If the first option is used, it is possible that upon returning to the session, even hours later, it remains in the same state with all windows open. To change this, validate the following alternative.


The configuration for RDP session persistence, in these cases, needs to be adjusted directly on the connected devices and not on senhasegura. Group policies (GPOs) are typically used to manage and terminate inactive sessions on the devices.

Session Persistence:

  • senhasegura considers the session closed when the tab is closed, but the server may keep the session active depending on its settings.

  • To properly manage inactive and disconnected sessions, adjust the server settings.

By following these steps, you will ensure that RDP sessions are terminated according to the defined policies, avoiding unwanted persistence of sessions and ensuring effective session management in the senhasegura environment.