How to configure the emergencial access in senhasegura?

1. Access the access group that will receive the configuration, PAMSettingsAccessAccess group and select the group that will receive the configuration and edit it.

2. Active the flag Require approval to start session.

3. On the tab Approvers select the approver group, the requests will be sent to his email.

4. Save it.

5. When the user tries start a session the approver will receive a email like that. To approve the access just click in Approve or reply the email with APPROVE.

Facing an issue while adding users to group. They seem to be applied for a few minutes and then disappearing. Users won’t have access to assets anymore and their name disappears from PAMSettingsAccessAccess group

Hi Elie,

Check if you have AD integration for group synch because it might not be working for this reason.